Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class

May Photos

STEAM Activity with Dr. Uzoff: Creating Toys out of recycled materials

Science Activity : Exploring Flood Models

Impressionist Art Project

School Spirit Day:  Tourist Day

Thank You Laura Murray, ( Jack's mom)  for being our Nutrition Docent.  We learned many healthy habits, and all about Whole Foods.  We also tasted a healthy snack.

Thank you for all the love , and sweet notes, and generous gifts during teacher appreciation.  I  definitely felt the love!

TTHANK YOU CSS PTA for a wonderful week!

Just thought I'd share...

On Monday, May 1, I received the Bay Valley Sercice Center WHO award ... " We Honor Ours. It was quite a special honor. This is for my work I do with teachers to help support public education with California Teachers Association.

Was happy I could celebrate with my mom.

We have had fun with our phonics lessons, creating some fun rhyming poems.

ABC CountDown Has Begun.... We are counting down from A-Z!  Awas Art day.  Here are a few photos from bubble Day

We compared blowing bubbles in water and in milk and shared how it was the same and different.  Milk is stickier than water... but not sticky enough to have bubbles blow in the air.

We also made our own bubble solution, and blew bubbles outside.

Here is the amazing art piece Laura ( Evan's mom" put together for me.. So special!  You can see it in person for our Open House

Students working in their All About me Books.  

Social Studies Unit:  We have been learning all about maps.  We are making our own maps at center time.

A Peek At Our Life-Size Self-Portraits

CHALK  and Coloring Day

Finished Art Piece

Our Collaborative Abstract Chalk Design

Students loved making it together.

Game Day

Experiment Day

Favorite Book Day

Harvesting Our Garden For Our Harveting Party

A Few Photos form our  Open house ...  

. . . Love that I was able to have a student of a student this year!

Lemonade Day!

Ava is all ready to serve food at our Kinder Cafe!

Music Day

Neon Day


Proud Students Showing their Snap Word Writing


Students Giving Their Final Presentations ...  What We loved About Kindergarten


Summer Birthday Celebration.... and ESMoA Field trip!