Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class


What is the Kindergarten Schedule?

Early Bird Schedule-   8:20-12:45

Later Gator Schedule   9:20- 1:45

Recess 10:05-10:10 (Snack 9:20-9:30)

Lunch is 11:15-12:00

Note: For the first two weeks of Kindergarten all children will come to school as Early Birds. This split schedule is an important to our program. It allows us time to give more individual attention to each child during our reading and math instruction.

    How do I report an absence?

Call the office (310) 615-2676 x4301 the day they are absent.

Occasionally things happen, and parents need to take their children out of school for a few days. If you know in advance that your child will be out for 4 days or more, please go to the office and fill out an Independent Study form. I will prepare a packet and give you supplemental work while your child is out.

        What if I need to have someone different pick my child up?

If it is a one-time occasion, please write a note.  If this person will be picking your child up more frequently, add them to your emergency card and/or "Going Home Plan" form.

    Is there a snack time? How does my child buy lunch in the cafeteria?

Children who would like to eat a snack before our lunchtime may bring a healthy, small snack from home to eat during our early bird/later gator transition at 9:20.  Please have your child take their snack out of their lunch and put it in the snack basket.

Children may bring a lunch from home, or get lunch from our cafeteria.  

All children eat together in our cafeteria.  Students may get a hot lunch from our cafeteria. There is no charge for the meal.  



     Can I volunteer in the classroom?

I appreciate parent volunteers greatly, and am looking forward to working together as a team this year.

Whether your schedule allows you to come once a week, every other week, or just once or twice a year, you are welcome to volunteer. Here is the sign up form. I'll be in touch once you sign up to confirm.  

Please note our school volunteer policy:

-Each time you come in to help, you will need to check in at the office and get a visitor badge.

All parents working in the classroom must have a TB test. A copy of your test must be on record before volunteering in our class.

  I  encourage all parents to get TB tests and send in the results as soon as possible.  The tests are good for three years.

    How are birthdays celebrated in school?

On your child's birthday she or he will receive a birthday crown which they will decorate, and a special birthday newspaper.  We will sing the Happy Birthday to your child, along with another birthday song.  In addition, once a month the children who have birthdays will have the opportunity to bake a healthy snack with his/her classmates!   (with volunteer assistance)

    Why should I join Center Street PTA?

By joining you are supporting your child's education and his/her school!  Our school PTA is wonderful! They provide a tremendous amount of support to the students in our school.  This includes bus transportation for 2 field trips, fine arts assemblies, and much more. The PTA is a vital  part of our school.  Please join our PTA and support the school fundraisers.  

Remember, membership does not require attendance at meetings or volunteering.


If you are interested in becoming an active member, come to a PTA meeting at Center Street School, the third Wednesday of the month, meetings alternate months at 7:15 p.m. or 9:15 a.m. Our PTA alos has a Facebook page you may want to join.


What are Cougar Spirit days? What should my child wear?

Friday are School spirit Day!  Let's try to show our school spirit and wear our school colors, Red & White. PTA will be selling Cougar t-shirts and sweatshirts in the fall.  

You may want to consider getting one for your child. Once a month our Student Council also announces school spirit days.  This includes days such as:  Pajama Day, Short & Shades Day, Sports day etc.  The days will be announced in our special K news, Cougar News, as well as listed on our calendar.  

Let's try to show our school spirit and participate!

   What are we doing at Center Street School to take care of the environment? How can you help?

Center Street School has a Green Team. They have done some amazing things to help reduce trash  and help our environment. Every Tuesday is "Trash-Free Tuesday.  Please have your child bring a  lunch with no trash. (Reusable containers, cloth napkins, etc.)

What is Sharing Time? When does my child share?

Children will have the opportunity to share some news of interest with the class.  All children will have an opportunity to share most days during our morning circle.  Please note that we are sharing stories/ experiences,  not toys/ items. This will help develop oral language skills by sharing narrative stories.

Some sharing ideas include telling the class about a visit with a grandparent, to the library, or a store. Occasionally, a child may have an item they want to bring that goes along with their story, such as  a special rock from a rock collection, etc. Other ideas include telling about a special happening with a friend or sibling. It might be sharing work the children are especially proud of, or sharing about an accident while bike riding

During our sharing time, the children will be encourage to make comments or ask questions of each other. The children learn much about each other and learn to respect someone else's ideas. It is a great joy to see this growth throughout the year in listening and responding empathetically to each other's stories!