Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class


The experiences which a child has at home can have an important influence on that child's success at school.  What is most important?  

Reading aloud to your child.

Read, Read, Read!

Parents Please:

Read aloud to your child approximately 10 minutes every day. Use paper form


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Optional enrichment and or skills worksheets  also available. If interested, contact Ms. Moote

What is the MOST important part of your child's Kindergarten Homework?


Reading to your child is an important part of his/her reading readiness and oral language development. Experiences and ideas shared through books will strengthen your child's understanding and vocabulary. Reading with expression will assist your child in oral reading and comprehension.  

Statistics have proven that children that are read to become good readers.  By reading to your child at home you will be helping him/her:

Learn to appreciate and enjoy reading

Expand concepts and knowledge.

Increase vocabulary and language development

Develop an ear for language and grammar.

Develop auditory and listening skills.


So . . . please read to your child every night. The goal is for parents to read at least one book to his/her child each day, weekends included.

List the books on their reading sheet; when ten books have been read, send the list to school. Click on "Reading Log" link on website to print a  reading log from home. In class we have a "Reading To The Moon" board.

Each time your child brings in a list they will move their rocket to another star.  At the end of the year each child will receive a certificate indicating how many books were read in Kindergarten.

                              "READING TO THE

                               MOON"  Book Lists  

                                                        Parents often ask . . .

May I write the same book down twice?

Yes! Children often enjoy hearing a story more than once, so it is fine to read a book over again.

We are reading a long/chapter book? How should we record it?

Depending on the length of the  chapters, you may want to count a chapter as a book. Very long chapters, may also count as several books- use your best judgement!

Any special tips for reading with my child?

Always make reading sessions pleasurable.

At times discuss what you've read, but don't make it a question and answer session.

Snuggle with your child and read him/her stories. You will stimulate all the senses at once, making the experience pleasurable and creating positive associations with reading. Start with short reading sessions and increase their length as his/her attention span grows. When you point to words in the text with your finger as you read, you are helping to train your child's eyes to automatically follow words and symbols from left to right.

Enjoy this treasured time with your child!

Download Reading to the Moon Book Log Form Here