Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class

A Peek At Our Complementary Color Quilts

We finally had a sunny day where we could follow up on our lesson on shadows. Students enjoyed tracing each other.  Throughout the day we checked and saw how our shadows changed, and talked about the Sun.

Students were very excited about the experiment.

We Are Making Life Size Self-Portraits!

Our PS Arts Final  Lesson with Ms. Amanda

Lucky and Patrick have arrived!  We are on the look out!

Our Veterinarian Office is now open!  Lots of learning and play happening in our dramatic play center!

Fifth Grade Readers did an outstanding job reading to our class.

Checking out our Tadpoles Growth... and the leprechaun mischief!

THANK YOU PTA Council For the wonderful honor of receiving the Golden Oak Awards on Monday afternoon at the

PTA Founders Day Honorary tea.

Congratulations to our Assistant Principal for receiving an Outstanding Administrator award and  and Donna Scaltrito for also receiving the Golden Oak.  It was a lovely event.

Awesome Work Creating Symmetrical Pattern Block Designs!

Math Activity:   Using manipulatives to solve multiplication story problems

Attending the Literacy Fair with our Reading Buddies!

It's Read Across America Week!  We are celebrating reading.  We dressed up as book characters.

Our Trip to the FARM!

Looking at and learning about a bee hive

Looking at a cotton plant and finding seeds inside the cotton

We saw a baby calf. It is about 4 months old.

Which is hay?  Do you remember?

Math Lesson: Exploring Capacity

Art Lesson:  Mixing Colors

We used neutral colored paint gto create animals paintings.

Leprechauns Left Us a Surprise.... Magic Leprechaun Snow!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Our Graphing Question for the day was,  " Do you think we can catch a leprechaun?"  Students all said yes .  However... when we came back from recess they noticed that their answer had been changed.

Such a fun day.  Hope everyone enjoyed our BIG leprechaun surprise!

Proud students working together to put together a floor puzzle!

Fun Activity playing with our parachute

Time to get an ice cream treat!  Cold Stones Teacher Scooping Day!

We completed our  life size large portraits

Scientists using tools to compare temperatures of cups of water

Making Models of our Classroom with our 3 Dimensional blocks

Mabel, our class mascot graduates!  


Design a hat to protect your from the sun with limited supplies!

Thank you to Airah's parents for sharing about Eid with us and sharing cards and gift. We loved celebrating with you.

Writers Workshop Celebration!  Thank you to all the parents that cem in to support the class as they shared their books.  Thank you as well to our room parents for their help. Such a fun celebration!

Check out our cookies with our class photo!