Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class


Full Distance Schedule:


Parents/Students will access all assignments and links through Seesaw.

(For your convenience, You will receive a weekly and daily Flowchart with links of activities.

All App links  are on the website, and our Bitmoji classroom


Individual Student Home Activities

           Bitmoji Classroom Choice Board

          Independent work through Seesaw links between live classes


          Be sure to include  movement, and playtime in your child's day     

                         Live Zoom Instruction

      Daily Class Meeting:

     8:20-8:50, Whole Class

Students take a 15 minute  Snack between 9:00am and 11:00a.m.


Lunch:  11:30-12:00

  Enrichment/ Optional Lessons  Flexible Grouping

   12: 00-12:30  

   Closing Meeting

          12:30-12:45    Tuesday-Friday


               Art:    Wednesday, 12:00 p.m.     

           Live Music Class w/ Ms. Breene, Every other Friday 10:30a.m

S.T.E.M. with Dr. Uzoff, Every other Tuesday, Kinder

Distance Learning  

Schedule and Class Info


Tuesday - Friday Small Groups

   9:00-9:30  Group A

    9:30-10:00  Group B

   10:00-10:30 Group C

   11:00-11:30 Group D

Monday Small Groups:

     9:00 -9:30   Kinder      

      Groups A & B


9:30-10:00 TK  

    Groups B & C