Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class

Look who lost teeth on the 1st day of February!


Everyone was so happy to come back to in-person learning. Here are a few photos from our 1st day back!  

These are new balls we received with one of our Donors Choose Grants.  Nice job following directions in our PE activity.

Our Center Time.... Here students are making valentines cards, painting symmetrical hearts. These  were a couple of the choices they had today.

Happy Groundhog Day

Hands on Learning.... at home and at school!  

A few more photos of measuring explorations at home!


Here are a few students doing their shadow art!

Time to work on valentines . . .

100 Snowballs


Little bit of reading... and time for some sensory play too.

Some of our butterflies have come out of their chrysalises!

Time to release a few butterflies!

Happy 101 Day!

Lunar New Year Lanterns and  George Washington Finger Painting activity were just a couple of our choices during center time this week.

Art Lesson... learning about Warm and Cool Colors

Making Magnet Sculptures

We just started playing with our soft blocks... we might not be able to work with friends and build together... but we still can make some amazing creations!

( One student in AM & PM cohort can build each day; blocks are sanitized between sessions. )  

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First day of  our new Science Center...  This week we are exploring magnets. We have a 20-30 minute center time on Tuesday's, Thursdays and Fridays

Lady Bug larvae in individual habitats.  We will see how they do!