Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class


Kindness in the New Year!

What did students say they will do in the new year?

Read below!

I will wash the dishes.

I will be kind to people when they are sad.

I will water my mom's plants.

I will write someone a note.

I will write someone a note.

I will follow my resolution. I will cook dinner.

I will pick up trash on my way to my house.

I will help my mom clean up.

I will wash the dishes.

I will wash the dishes.

I will be nice to my cousin.

I will wash the dishes for my mom.

Enter Text

I will wash the dishes.

I will help mom wash the dishes.

STEM with Dr. Uzoff

Building Jack's bean-stock

Our Snow-person Collages

Inspired by the book: Snowballs, written by Lois Ehlert

The glare from the sun made it a little tricky to take photos... if you look closely, you will see students made these snowflakes out of paper geometric shapes (squares, triangles, hexagons, trapezoids and rhombuses).  

Students do these projects independently during center time. We are still working on these projects. If you do not see your child's please know... more photos  to be posted as they finish!

Shoppers checking  grocery lists;  Cashier counting money . ..  learning can be so much fun!

Painting Animal Tracks In The Snow

Exploring shapes with Geoboards

PHONICS ACTIVITY... Helping our class mascot, Mabel write sentences . In this lesson we were working on counting the words in a sentece we were writing, and then stretching out the sounds we heard.  Note: In this activity they were not copying my words, but stretching out the words in a sentences we created together.  You may notice spacing missing between words; this is common and something we will address in the future with another fun activity.


In our current science unit we are learning all about forces. In addition to exploring hands-on activities, we integrate learning working on speaking and listening skills.  In this activity we learned to describe how we were able to use one object to exert a force on another to cause movement.

Pinball Models

Step One: How can we get our ball to move?

Math Activity:  Measuring Sea Animals with Non-standard measuring sticks

How To Books

After reading several How To Books... we were ready to try to make our own!  

Over the next month we will have many mini lessons learning about this kind of writing.  It is not always an easy transition.  We are so used to telling our own personal stories.  They are used to using the words  " I" or   "my mom",  and " I like"  No doubt, they are sure to continue as we make this transition.  Each day we will have mini lessons and learn new strategies for this type of writing, and have fun as we  find silly mistakes and more.  Currently, we are simply exploring how we think of topics.

Here are a few pages from a few of the first books we wrote. Note this was an " on demand", meaning a writing done without any direct teaching or assistance.  They also did not all finish their books, as they were done with minimal time.  However, I can share there was much excitement as they experimented with this new kind of writing.   A few students were a little more hesitant than others, with some wanting  help. Overall  once they settled in, they enjoyed the challenge. Stay tuned to see how our writing develops over the next few months.  

As we share in class...

          When you think you are done...

                         you have just begun!

..... Just a little sample to see how excited they all were about making these books.  

Each Wednesday, I teach an art lesson.  

Currently we are learning all about color.  Earlier in the month we made warm and  color water color abstract paintings.  The following week we mixed primary colors to make secondary colors.  Here are a few photos of the class making our color wheels.

A Few More Snow-people Collages

Here are a few more of our geometric snowflakes.

What pride!  Way to go Konrad!   So pleased we make time for play in our day.  

Why do we play, you may ask? .....