Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class

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Beginning of School: August/September Photos

Lunch together in our cafeteria

Filling our Room with LOVE!


Time to meet a few friends . . . .


Center Time

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Our Center Time is student choice time. We have blocks, dramatic play center, painting, Sand/Water Table, Play dough and more.  Typically I have had parent volunteers assisting while I work with individuals.  I sure miss volunteers.  I do plan on opening a few of our craft and paint centers soon.  In the meantime, here are a few photos from our simplified Center Time.  

We Met Our Music Teacher!

It is Royalty Day!  We celebrated completing our first week of kindergarten together.  

Hip Hip Hooray For  " The Kingdom of Kindergarten!


We also had our "Kindergarten Shower"  Students gave gifts to our class.  

Thank you so much!  We are in great shape with supplies for our class!

Can you " see" those smiles behind those masks?

Observing Leo, our turtle. . .

Math Activity... Counting and sorting coins . . .

STUDENTS ARE INVITED TO DO A SPECIAL STEAM project at home!  Details are on their Seesaw account.  

Use Personal objects to make letters to form you name AND...   Make it the same size as you are!  

Here are a few that have been completed so far.  

An Art Lesson ..... learning about realistic and abstract art

We have reading partners. Sometimes we read individually, other times we read together.

Happy Pattern Day

Look at all the patterns we wore!  We read books, made patterns, danced patterns and so much more.  Many of our masks had patterns too! Hope you enjoy the photo.

Artists creating an abstract painting... such focus and concentration!