Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class

Welcome Back Everyone!


Happy May Day!

Our First Day Back.... we are painting animals using neutral colors

DAY 2:  New Desk Configuration!

Ms. Adonica and I decided to try a different desk configuration to give students more space to move around.  This works so much better.  Students are still 6 feet apart.

Two fun photos before the change in set up.

Students looked so adorable dressed up in their "French" outfits for my Dream Vacation.  Such a fun surprise for Teacher Appreciation Week!  

Thank you also for the sidewalk chalk greetings.

And... the new set up!  

Happy Mother's Day

It is Bubble Day!

Fun time!  Reading all about bubbles.

Thank you for such a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week!  This good basket is amazing.  So many delicious  treats to enjoy.  

I enjoyed reading all the cards delivered to the room, seeing all the chalk art, and greatly appreciate all your generous gifts. It has been a joy working with all of you, and I look forward to our continuing our work and making even more memories these final weeks together.  

Doing "Make it Monday together in class!


Enjoying Our Virtual Field Trip:

Pete the Cat

Favorite Book Day

Game Day

Hat Day

Creating our impressionist style paintings. . . .

Look at what I created!

Our tadpoles have grown... we have some back legs now too!   (A little hard to see in the photos)