Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class


May Photos

Hatching Chicks!   Mother's Day and more!

Hatching Chicks! Mother's Day Program and so much more!

Thank you so much for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week.  All of the faculty and staff  us at Center Street School  are so touched and grateful for your kindness and support.  We had amazing breakfasts, and lunches, were showered with love  with flowers, notes, treats and gifts.  I even had a nice 15 minute massage during lunch one day.  Thank you again for everything!  We definitely were spoiled last week.  Here is a peek at a few photos of our teacher lounge.

The chicks are one week old now.  They are beginning to get their feathers.  Wait until you see how fast they grow and change!

We are in our final 26 days of school.  We are having an ABC Contdown. A was Art Day, B was Bubble day.  

Here are a few photos from Coloring and Chalk day!

Check out our Mosaic Chalk Colorings Designs!

STEAM with Dr. Uzoff:

So many interesting designs and ideas. Students made toys out of recycled materials.

Experiment Day

Game Day

Lemonade Day

Neon Day

Spring Sing Practice



CHICKS ARE 4 WEEKS OLD... May 27th is our last day with them.  Thank you to all the familes that cared for them in their homes.  They sure received a lot of love and care.  Crazy how fast they grow!