Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class

MARCH Photos


During the past three weeks we learned about Jim Dine.   Here is our Studio Project!

We learned that Jim uses many different techniques when creating his art.  He is best know for his images of  hearts, tools and bathrobes. He loves to make images of the same thing over and over, however using different colors and techniques.  We did that very thing with our hearts!  

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Learning About and Creating 3-Dimensional and 2 Dimensional Shapes


Learning About Many Different Holidays and Customs

Science Investigations and proud students!

Look at Who Lost a Tooth!  

Tree trimming was exciting to see on our walk to the library.

Such wonderful manners students had while hearing spring stories ath the library.  We also went on a tour.  Over break consider going to the library.  They will love it!

Our Spring Treasure Hunt!  Students had to find 4 packages with their names on it.  So fun to see the teamwork and joy while they searched.  

Ms. Veronica always does such an amazing job with our photo booths.  THANK YOU!!!