Ms. Moote's Kindergarten Class

April Photos

Learning about realistic and abstract art . . . .

Exploring Sound during center time

Exploring Motion during center time


Can you see how much they have grown?

Sharing a Math Strategy with the class

Hands On Math Explorations...

     Learning to divide objects into equal groups.

What happens if there are extras? This is one way we are learning about odd and even numbers. After solving a few problems that divided equally, we tried one that did not!  So interesting to see their different strategies.  (The problem was to divide 25 objects into 6 groups.).

The video above shows one our our first attempts at counting and dividing objects into equal groups.  We are also working on being precise, and counting a second time to be sure we have the correct numbers.

Jump roping!

Have you signed up for our "Jump for Education?

Earth Day Poems

Earth Day Freeze Dance  ( For the freezing part of the activity ... students tried various Yoga positions.)