Daphne A. Moote Learning Academy

DAMLA offers summer creative workshops for multi-age children. This educational idea in progress maintains that learning through the performing arts enhances academic achievement, accelerates personal development and self-image, while promoting camaraderie and teamwork.

Academy founder, and artistic director, Akani Fletcher, along with co-director, Daphne A. Moote, have trained hundreds of students in grades K-7. Their ongoing educational research has fashioned a curriculum that is both challenging and fun. In addition to daily cooking experiences, innovative science projects, creative media, and a lot of encouragement, each summer series culminates in the performance of an original children's play written and directed by Akani.

DAMLA is a non-profit organization. Please consider a tax deductible donation to our Scholarship Fund to assist deserving students otherwise not able to participate. For credit card donations, please call S.E.E. at (818) 225-9150, and specify DAMLA.

DAMLA Summer 2021 Workshops


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Students in DAMLA participate in a variety of activities emphasizing their creative talents. Particular attention is given to the performing arts. Students cook, learn scientific principles through hands-on experiments, and participate in Dynamic  Councilâ„¢ to develop awareness and self confidence. The goal is fun while learning; all done in a relaxed, non-threatening environment.